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Vision2020: The Horizon Network is a collaboration platform for research organisations and companies participating in the 'Horizon 2020' EU funding programme.

Horizon 2020 has a €79 billion budget to fund thousands of research & innovation projects in many topics.

Vision2020 acts as a hub linking excellent Horizon 2020 participants from universities, research organisations and SMEs, and works to maximise the value and Horizon 2020 funding its members can obtain.

Key Vision2020 Events:

See the events page for full details.

Vision2020 Experts' Networking Meeting

2nd December 2014, London

In association with Enterprise Europe Network, Vision2020 will be holding a networking meeting for its Expert Members in London on 2nd December 2014, to discuss how to enable collaboration between members and make available high quality and integrated support services.

Vision2020 Policy Hub Meeting

5th December 2014, Cardiff University

Vision2020 will be holding its next networking and information event for its RTO Members in Cardiff on 5th December 2014, hosted by Cardiff University. The aim of the event will be to review Vision2020's activities in 2014 and discuss further developments for 2015. The event is open only for Vision2020 RTO member representatives.


The Vision2020 Platform:

Vision2020 is a collaboration platform for European research organisations and companies wishing to participate in the Horizon 2020 European Union funding programme. Vision2020 has:

  • Communities of researchers and companies that collaborate together in "clusters". These are groups of member organisations that are organised to match Horizon 2020's structure. Each cluster contributes towards the Horizon 2020 programme and acts as a platform for forming consortia and launching successful proposals;
  • A group of European research and innovation specialists forming a "policy hub". This is a credible group of experts that discuss and advise on Horizon 2020 matters at both the programme and policy level;
  • Events and platforms encouraging small to medium sized enterprises and 'blue chip' companies to connect and collaborate with world-leading research organisations.

The research and technology (RTO) organisations participating as members of Vision2020: The Horizon Network are a select group of excellent organisations that are active in European research & innovation. Our SME membership, on the other hand, is completely open and available to any small to medium sized company.